Playing with
Modif'AI'ed Assets.

BlockAI - experiments with blockchain ventures/assets.
To modifai (modify+AI) existing code and to have new challenges.
People driven AI as much as possible.

Our Mission

Look also at our exisiting projects below:

BlockAI's NFT art

BAI virtual asset

Current value is based on future independency

Priority of

E-banking and permanent info-investigation turn people to be exposed to a very high risk of losing property - inflation, cybercrime, political and corporate relations. There are pioneers of change, but most people don't know how to make a change or they fall prey to cheaters. Our experiments are aimed to help people - to make a secure and easier step ahead with P2P blockchain solutions.

Larger & Wiser

Financial regulators will seek to transfer the best intellectual units of the world of digital finance under the rules of their system or to destroy those who will not be "managed" in this way. BlockAI's mission is to modifai blockchain to get additional resources for development. In this way intellectual forces behind the chain do not erode in the future, is our motto.


Mario Virtualies
and few ones ;)

Mario Virtualies is the nickname used by Mario in blockchain groups in messengers. In fact Mario is the experienced crypto/blockchain manager. Mario is running BlockAI projects as personal temptation. A dozen of people help in particular projects of BlockAI like NFT art, crypto, new blockchain forks, etc. We modifai code, so it means that we use AI systems at this.

See examples how
we play with AI (more soon) :)


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